Levi Tucker

In Regularville, Levi Tucker tends to his family's farm, Colhurst, where mysterious circles have recently appeared. Convinced of extraterrestrial involvement, he faces skepticism and a distressing boycott of his farm store. Even his dog Finn shows odd behavior, reinforcing Levi's belief in something extraordinary. Despite isolation, Levi remains dedicated to unraveling the truth behind the mysterious circles in his fields.


In Regularville, Archibald Thornfield is a symbol of affluent power and unyielding authority. His calculated control, rooted in immense wealth, is marked by a cold detachment. Thornfield's decisions prioritize self-interest, casting a looming cloud of unease over the town as a reminder of the influence wealth can wield.

Werewolf (Unknown)

In Regularville's nighttime. a mysterious wanderer moves through dimly lit spaces, their identity concealed. A few keen minds sense a puzzle unraveling, with whispers about missing fishermen adds tension as the town edges toward connecting the dots in unexpected ways.

Remains (Unknown)

Through the ages, a hidden secret, entwined with the bones of the past, is known only to its orchestrator. Time has veiled the truth in silence, untouched by curious gazes. A lone figure holds the untold story, locked within their conscience, as the town remains oblivious to the dark truth staining its history.

Queen Genevieve

Queen Genevieve, once revered in Regularville, faces a tumultuous reign amid a chilling conspiracy. A grim discovery in her castle revealed a sinister secret, casting suspicion on her rule. Calls for an end to the monarchy gain momentum as uncertainty grips the town, its foundations trembling under the weight of a truth that could rewrite its history.


Henry, dreaming of adventure, left his mundane alien world for the seemingly peaceful town of Regularville. Welcomed initially, he soon sensed a dark secret behind the facade. Discovering it was a prison, he vowed to uncover the truth and escape, seeking the real adventure he longed for.

Caleb Hawkridge

Meet Sheriff Caleb Hawkridge, a top-notch leader in Regularville known for his smooth-talking skills and exceptional memory. With a low-key, in-charge vibe and penetrating eyes, he's like a human bulldozer when it comes to cracking the town's mysteries. Rumors suggest he has a sixth sense for hidden truths, making some respect him while others shiver in whispers.


Mayor Blackmoth, in his fourth consecutive term, is a revered figure in Regularville, admired for charisma and dedication. Yet, cracks emerge as some townspeople, once enamored, see through the veneer of promises. Whispers of deception grow, and a faction yearns for transparency and authenticity in governance.

Martin Brown

In our buzzing town, Martin Brown challenged Mayor Blackmoth in a promising race, capturing everyone's attention with his easy charm. However, tragedy struck when he unexpectedly fell into Lake Lumi, sparking rumors that his icy plunge might not have been accidental.


In Jackson "Noir" Steele's dimly lit office, a mysterious letter arrived, urging him to investigate Mayor Blackmoths in Regularville. Intrigued by rumors of the mayor's veiled past, Noir, accompanied by his loyal basset hound Penny, embarked on the cryptic journey. With intuition and persistence, they aimed to uncover the secrets beneath Mayor Blackmoths' polished facade.

Rocky Linford

In Regularville, Rocky Linford tirelessly uncovered a web of corruption linking the mayor and influential figures. Despite being dismissed and later disappearing, his warnings will soon be realized as the town grapples with the unveiled truth of widespread corruption and intrigue.

Elias Hawkthorne

Elias Hawthorne, a paramount figure in Regularville's history, laid the town's foundations with unwavering dedication. As its longest-serving mayor, he left an indelible mark on the community, now yearning for the fondly remembered era of his leadership. In tribute to his impact, "Harmony's Guardian," a statue symbolizing unity and progress, stands tall, etching Elias Hawthorne's memory into the town's essence